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Jim Kavanagh New Paintings

Text for artist's exhibition.


You watch, immersed in beautifully distilled skies which hark back to Kavanagh’s earlier work but these skies are darker, broodier. The subtle tones create a glow of colour, a depth which slowly draws you in. Once caught your gaze is lost to a dance, a duet with light. The source is focused and yet dispersed in a reflective game, a juxtaposition of control and imagination. The paintings invite you to join them in their dance, demand your participation. Every step is coloured with new depth, a new gravitational pull, an elemental storm of light and colour.

Purer than any sunset, drawing the essential from the daily beauty of a screaming sun, distilling it, pacifying it, taming it. The result is, in each painting, a unique representation of that which is essential, universal. Drawing you into a new language, building upon nature’s vocabulary, embroidering it and allowing you to enter a new dialogue. With these paintings Kavanagh has pushed his paintings in powerful new directions. Catching a glimpse of the unknown through the known, exposed to the tranquillity of the Kantian sublime you can breathe in and capture the infinite in one gaze.

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