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Adams ├Žbler
(Adam's Apples)
Dir: Anders Thomas Jensen

Wow. Insane, absolutely politically-incorrect and at moments side-splittingly hilarious, whilst also being thought-provoking and powerful. Adams aebler brings together a blindly optimistic, subservient priest (Mads Mikkelsen) and a violent, brute of a neo Nazi who has been sentenced to community service (Ulrich Thomsen). And an apple tree.

To set the tone: Every time a door is slammed or the morning bells chime, in Adam's room the resident copy of the bible falls open at the book of Job whilst the picture of Hitler he has decorated his room with falls off the wall. Ivan the priest is a modern-day Job whose faith is continually tested by the devil. He is at the centre of a small community of criminals and misfits who have learnt to live together, communicate and miscommunicate through the most weird and wonderful conversations and shared moments.

This black comedy about community, belief and cynicism is an incessant rollercoaster of funny, ridiculous, brutal and absurd scenes which crash together with technicolor precision. The acting is strong throughout; Mads Mikkelsen is fantastic as the obedient messenger of God and Ulrich Thomsen perfect as the Nazi thug. The cinematography is pristine. I would give it more than 7 out of 10 if it were not for one of the last scenes which includes a political incorrection beyond all necessary boundaries.

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