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(The Bubble)
Dir: Eytan Fox

An urban love-story set in Tel Aviv. Eytan Fox, once again manages to bring in the complexities of sexuality -exploring homosexuality and the prejudice attached to it- in an absolutely natural way. That in itself is a breath of fresh air. But he goes far beyond that, addressing the geo-political situation which surrounds his Israeli and Palestinian characters. The film presents a young and foolish idealist vision of the world which is inevitably marred by the reality outside.

Ohad Knoller's acting is strong as always, Yousef 'Joe' Sweid is also good, the clean cinematography mirrors the urban setting, and Eytan Fox has an eye for making you feel the weight behind the every-day and breathing depth into situations.

The last twist of this film is a real disappointment. Out of character, and out of keeping with the tone of the film, Eytan Fox seems to slip in an extreme shift of character without injecting any credibility into it. If you can forgive him the ending, the film is fantastic.

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