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Flammen & Citronen
(Flame & Citron)
Dir: Ole Christian Madsen

Set in Denmark during the Second World War, this film presents the Holger Danske resistance movement as a confused and easily manipulated group of individuals with no ideological background. It seems to make the most of historically charged events and local mythologies - Flammen/The Flame (a red head) and Citronen/The Lemon (who had worked for Citroën) - without being respectful to the history or political dialogue surrounding them.

The acting is strong, the filming clean, and the story -if one is able to detach it from history- entertaining. That said, I would have preferred an intelligent analysis of Jørgen Haagen Schmidt, a.k.a. Flammen (Thure Lindhardt) and Bent Fauerschou-Hviid, a.k.a. Citronen (Mads Mikkelsen) who lost their lives for the beliefs that they held. It may be true that these resistance heroes became prey to political and personal manipulations, but I doubt that they were the gullible idiots that the film makes them out to be.

Politically and historically an irresponsible film that banalises important events and treats cinema as pure entertainment which claims the right to base easy thrills on the violation of history. However, if one believes (unlike me) that this is a legitimate game in the entertainment industry, then this film could deserve a higher rating as a modern day film noir, on the basis of the acting, pristine sets and filming, romanticised characters (though lacking depth) and moral (albeit superficial) dilemmas.

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