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L'homme du train
(The Man on the Train)
Dir: Patrice Leconte

A gentle and beautiful film about growing old, life decisions and unrealised dreams.

Monsieur Manesquier (Jean Rochefort) is a literature teacher who has always longed for a touch of the wild life. Milan (Johnny Hallyday) is a gangster who has always dreamed of loafing around in a pair of old slippers. Their lives are brought together by chance and slowly, as an important event nears for both of them on the same day at the same time, they begin to understand one another and even wish they had lived each others lives.

Both lead actors are fantastic; not surprisingly for Jean Rochefort and somewhat more so for the aging pop-rocker Johnny Hallyday. If you are able to forget and/or forgive the occasional (very French) crass jokes, which somehow form a bond between the two men, this is a wonderful, well directed and well paced fairytale.

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